Healthy cycling. Will you help us too?

The health of you, other customers and our employees is absolutely paramount.

We will reopen our stores from 11 May. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly and safely as possible, we worked out a number of measures. Let’s cycle through them together!

1. How we prepare for your visit

Safety first. That is why our employees at Van Eyck Sport take the following measures themselves:

  • We wear face masks and regularly wash our hands.
  • We keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from everyone.
  • We regularly disinfect all payment terminals, counters and shopping baskets.

Will you help us, too? Keep scrolling and discover what we expect from you and other customers.

2. Before you head to our store

Wear a face mask. Come alone.

Stay home if you don’t feel well, or if you have any doubts. Better be extra careful!

3. At the entrance

We prefer to keep the number of customers shopping at the same time to a minimum.

That’s why you can enter every shop through one entrance. In Aalst, for example, this is the main entrance on the Gentsesteenweg.

  • Wash your hands immediately on entering. Disinfectant is ready.
  • An employee gives you a disinfected shopping basket. No baskets? Wait for another customer to leave the shop.

4. While you’re shopping

Always keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other customers and employees.

5. At checkout

Found what you were looking for?

Wait for your turn at the register. To make it easy for everyone, we’ll put some stickers on the floor.

You can pay contactless, with bancontact and with cash. If you pay with cash, you can do so completely safely with our payment terminals. Cash money stays in the vending machines for a week. In this way we avoid contamination.

From the 11th of May you are welcome back in our stores

Healthy together. Will you help us follow these rules? This way you will be able to enjoy cycling, training and enjoying yourself. And so everyone stays healthy.


Gentsesteenweg 89
9300 Aalst

Erpe-Mere: e-bike store

Oudenaardsesteenweg 391
9420 Erpe-Mere


Waterstraat 31
2440 Geel


Meensesteenweg 168
8890 Dadizele


Potterstraat 125
9170 Sint-Pauwels